The Must See Places in Spain

September 9th, 2017

Whether it’s the peaceful coves, nestled away old villages or picturesque landscapes, Spain offers you are fairy- tale escape from your mundane routine.

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1. Las Médulas, Castille y León

The mystical landscape of Las Médulas has survived the ravages over hundreds, even thousands of years of weathering and helped give the landscape its own unique charm. The extraordinary, craggy red rocks here are the result of Roman strip mining, when five tonnes of gold were extracted from the hillsides via canals constructed for that very specific purpose.

2. Las Alpujarras, Andalucía

Located in the southern region of Granada, the valleys of Las Alpujarras feature some of the country’s most ornate scenery. This is an area for the more experienced driver though, as it’s filled with hairpin corners, leading up to many of the region’s beautiful whitewashed villages. Within these settlements here you can really enjoy truly local way of life, one that centres around charming central plazas, welcome siestas from the searing afternoon sun and sherry in the local bar in the evening.

3. Zahara de la Sierra, Andalucía

The beautiful southern region of Andalucía is known for its beautiful white towns, and one of the stand-out examples can be found at Zahara de la Sierra. You can drive there through the Spanish countryside from the beautiful old town of Ronda.

It will probably be the castle that you initially notice, which sits predominantly on top of steep rocky peak, below which congregate bright white houses. A truly spectacular view to behold.

4. Beget, Girona

Beget is so well hidden deeply into a valley that you’re like to miss it, unless you’re searching for it. This tiny village situated in northern Catalunya is definitely worth exploring, but, very little has changed here for centuries, culminating in a quiet ambience that’s unrivalled.

Venture through the narrow cobbled streets to see the old stone houses and quaint little bridges that cross the river.For dinner, enjoy a plate of seasonal Catalan food at any one of the fabulous family run restaurants.

5. Cadaqués, Girona

Don’t be too perturbed by the idea of the Costa Brava, with its rather dated reputation of sun-and-sea holidays. The region is home to some very beautiful beaches, and with a bit of searching it’s not too difficult to find more interesting towns and quieter beaches, to take in.

The most pleasant place to stay on the northern Costa Brava is the scenic seaside town of Cadaqués, featuring narrow, hilly streets filled with bougainvillea-roofed homes with rugged headlands on both sides of its still fully functioning fishing port.

The beaches here are a little small and pebbly, but there’s plenty more to keep you busy, not to mention its great art gallery.

6. The Costa da Morte, Galicia

Don’t be scared by the popular nickname of this destination, the “Coast of Death”. This largely undeveloped region is definitely worth a visit.This isn’t the place to visit for tourist resort facilities and that’s the whole point really. Instead, head for the delightful little seaside town of Malpica de Bergantinos. For truly wonderful scenery, head over to Ezaro. There, the mineral rich rocks of the escarpments are multi-coloured and appear to glimmer beneath the many little waterfalls.

Happy about being able to save so much cash using travel cards, let’s steer away from the more obvious Spanish tourist destinations and look at the peaceful hidden gems. Without further ado, here are our top picks of must see places, while you’re in Spain.

We hope that you find our out-of-box place suggestions to be really insightful. Hope you enjoy an exciting Spanish holiday. Whichever spot you choose, we wish you safe and happy travel!

Spanish Hacienda Interior Design

September 9th, 2017

Hacienda style rustic furniture, Spanish home interiors with bold textures and unique accessories come alive with vintage furniture and architectural design from India. Discover bold eclectic interior decorating design trends for the Spanish Hacienda home. Create a visual style statement of your living space with Mediterranean blue color armoires, hand crafted rustic wood cabinets and turquoise console tables.

Old rustic barn doors crafted into dining room tables with distressed leather chairs, large chakra carved buffet sideboards with teal patina, Indian trunk chests and media cabinets using reclaimed ox carts with iron and brass medallions compliment Spanish style architecture. Majestic oxcart benches with tons of iron and brass work, curved backs and solid teak wood give the eclectic touch. Soften with pashmina throw blankets and patchwork toss pillows.

As ceilings go higher, decorating wall space is a major design focus, accented perfectly with old vintage windows and architectural artifacts from India. Jharokhas are old terrace windows and make great wall art with their unique carvings and iron accents. Rooms with high ceilings feel more spacious and open, create your very own wall art playing with Banjara tapestries and Kutch pillow shams making a collage of color and texture. Using the frame of old Haveli doors accent the hallway and give the room Hacienda style architectural design. In this Spanish Hacienda style living room, wall height demands large furniture and an oversized mantle accented with antique corbels and intricate carvings.

When decorating Mediterranean, revamp the European tradition of using wall sculptures and art to create a focus. Hand embroidered kutch tapestries with small mirrors and sheer curtains gives a romantic feel. Mediterranean blue washed consoles, rustic carved wood wall sculptures and tribal Indian tapestries complement the Spanish theme.

The rustic appeal of Indian furniture give an interesting and grounded feel to your interiors. Mediterranean style bedroom is warm and inviting with handloom blankets in lively reds and blues. The vintage wood armoires and dresser in a rich earthy color palette that are taken from nature brings in beautiful energies of mother nature. Nightstands and end tables with beautiful brass cladded elephants and hand carved designs add drama. Tuscan sunsets, washed blue, green wood tones, antique doors used as headboards design well with the parched ivory walls. Large arched windows accented with columns and arches from India in dark teak bring the connection to the old world Spanish style.

Velvet feel crushed curtains add to the drama of Spanish design of a large Tuscan foyer with a grand antique door table and the whimsical cart bench.The newer Modern-Mediterranean homes with a rustic barn door as a statement piece or the entrance to a wine cellar are ideas for the Spanish styling designer in you.